The most unknown valley of the Catalan Pyrenees is a territory to discover, where the traveller can silently enjoy a landscape which has been kept virgin. In the county of Alt Urgell and hidden between Pedraforca, the Cadi range and Port del Comte, the valley guards the secret of the trementinaires, sage women well-versed in the mountain's ancestral remedies. Their memory is rooted in a land whose small villages, artisan crafts and wild natural beauty will seduce you.

Museum of the Trementinaires
Museum of the Trementinaires

Sofia Montaner made her last trementinaire journey in 1982. Since then, the memory of the women who travelled place to place selling their natural remedies is kept alive at the ethnologic museum in Tuixent. Visit its rooms to discover these women’s work and the secret of the herbs they used.

Ossera, the town of the artisans
Ossera, the town of the artisans The neo-rurals who saved the village

The view of this town is one of the most beautiful sights in the valley. At an altitude of 1,250 metres, a single street encircles the huddle of stone houses which have served as a refuge for artists and artisans since the 1980s. It was they who prevented the abandonment of Ossera. Discover what they are capable of!

Pure rural tourism
Lodging with charisma

An old hay barn reconverted into an exceptional space, traditional farmhouses for experiencing nature in solitude, a refuge at an altitude of nearly 2,000 metres, a fun overnight camp house at the base of the slopes, campgrounds for sleeping in liberty, village houses smelling of firewood... All you have to do is find your ideal lodging among all those listed here.

Cani rando
Let the dog take you out

Dog has been man's best friend since ancient times. If back then animals helped on long journeys, today they have evolved into excellent allies for having a good time and getting to know the landscape thanks to this activity. Let a dog, trained specifically for this activity, pull you forward on the path!

Cadí-Moixeró Natural Park
All its secrets in Tuixent

This park which groups the two great ranges of Cadí and Moixeró is one of the largest natural spaces in Catalonia. Between sheer cliffs and green meadows, it has Mt Pedraforca as a true icon in the world of hiking. To prepare for your trip, please visit the information and interpretation centre in Tuixent, Alt Urgell.

Cooking with plants
Everything you can do with flowers

Plants aren’t just for floral decoration. Drawing on the old tradition of the trementinaires, the making of natural and handcrafted products is quite the experience. Learn the trementinaires’ secrets and enjoy spaces filled with charm, like botanical gardens for tasting teas, old workrooms, etc.

Foot trails
Shine your boots

The valley is a hiking paradise with marked trails for all levels. From the simple walk of Sorribes, in St. Julià de Garrics, or the family-friendly stroll through the botanical itinerary of Ossera, to the climb up to the summit of the mountain of Arp or the route which takes the GR 7 from Fórnols to La Seu d’Urgell.

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Nordic skiing in Tuixent la Vansa
Skiing with views

On the north face of the Port del Comte massif, the resort in Tuixent - La Vansa is ideal for Nordic skiing. Gentler than downhill skiing, it's always a good option for a family day in the snow. The resort is home to 30 km of circuits of different levels for cross-country skiing and other activities like snowshoeing.