The twelfth stage of the Trans-Pyrenees Crossing is almost entirely an ascent. From the capital of Cerdanya you will continue along the side of the road until reaching Guils de Cerdanya. In Guils you will leave the road behind and go up the Peransalt rounded ridge until reaching the plains of Feixa. Finally you will head down to the Malniu Refuge, located at 2,130m above sea level at the foot of the great peaks of the Puigpedrós Massif. From the refuge it is highly recommended to visit the famous Malniu Lake, one of the most popular and magical in Cerdanya!

Technical info
Starting point of the stage
Endpoint of the stage
Malniu Refuge
Total ascent
+1.100m / -110m
Maximum altitude
Minimum altitude

Considerable. Derived from the length and ascent to overcome. This stage does not have any technical difficulties.


In winter and early spring it is very likely that there will be snow on much of the trail.


In winter, snowshoes may be needed to make progress.


Cerdanya. 01:50.000. Editorial Alpina.

Topographic base of Catalonia 1:25.000. Geological and Cartographic Institute of Catalonia (ICGC).


Let's begin the 12th stage of the Trans-Pyrenees Crossing to (1) Puigcerdà (0:00 - 1,140m). Leave Puigcerdà from the extreme NW, just along the side of the train station. Cross the railway using the street Pont de Sant Martí and then cross the Aravó River with the Sant Martí Bridge (the street's namesake). 50m after the bridge you will reach a crossroads. At this point you will turn right and take the road of Guils de Cerdanya, where you will advance during 3 km. Pass through the small town of Saneja and continue on the road towards Guils.

Next to Guils de Cerdanya, turning so that the road is on your left, leave the road for a little bit: take a track that goes to the right and that climbs up a rounded hill. You will immediately reach a second track that will take you to the left. Go over the rounded hill and join the road again. You have reached the beautiful village of (2) Guils de Cerdanya (1:30 - 1,365m).

Leave Guils from its extreme NW and leave the asphalt road. From now on you will advance on dirt tracks and paths to the end of the stage. Occasionally you will see some vertical signs for Refugi de la Feixa and Refugi de Malniu that will accompany the GR 11 red and white markers. From Guils go some 100m on a dirt track and then take a path that goes directly up the Peransalt Mountains. The climb is hard but the road is very nice: you will alternate open areas that offer great views of Cerdanya and wooded areas.

You will finish the climb to the plain of Feixa and reach the (3) Feixa Refuge (3:30 - 2,160m). At this point you will take a dirt track towards the left (W). Follow this wide track about 800m until you reach a small meadow. Now take a poorly defined path off to the right (NW) and go down some very rugged terrain until reaching (4) Malniu Refuge (4:15 - 2,130m).


The wonderful views that you will have from the Cerdanya Valley during the ascent towards the plains of Feixa.

Visiting Malniu Lake and discovering the many legends that surround it.

Did you know that...

According to legend Malniu Lake was the meeting point of all the witches in Cerdanya? The witches, called goges in the area, gathered in this place to invoke the devil. Legend has it that on the night of Good Friday you can see an image of the crucifixion of Jesus Christ at the bottom of the waters of the lake.

Do not miss...

The Romanesque church of Sant Esteve de Guils de Cerdanya. This beautiful church dates back to the 11th century and is especially noted for its beautiful facade with three pairs of columns. It is considered one of the most important works of Romanesque Cerdanya.


The next day's stage (stage 13) will require an overnight stay in an open shelter (l'Illa Refuge). Therefore, you will have to buy the needed provisions in Puigcerdà or the Malniu Refuge, which also has services (start and end points of the twelfth stage).