Via Calda

Baggage transport service available for each stage. Imagine exploring the Colomers Cirque and its 48 lakes in the Val d’Aran, visiting the Romanesque churches of the Vall de Boí (UNESCO World Heritage Site),and then sleeping in the modern Caldes de Boí hotel spa!

Baggage transport service is also available for the Encantats and Gran Bucle (Big Loop) routes.

Not to be missed: Val d’Aran and Vall de Boí; thermal circuits at Les, Caldes de Boí and Banhs de Tredòs.

Fact file:

Route length: 88Km
Cumulative elevation gain: 4450m
Route type: linear
Best time of year for this route: late May to early October

Informació tècnica
Route type
Senderisme - Rutes temàtiques
Total ascent