Rafting is the river adventure sport par excellence: shooting the rapids in an inflatable raft for four or more persons. The helmsman steers while the rest of the crew have to paddle faster than the river currents as they try to control the descent. This is a unique experience, particularly thrilling during the snowmelt period in May and June, when the force unleashed by the high water level is so strong that at some points you hardly need to paddle between one set of rapids and the next. The 60 kilometres of navigable white water and the many specialised companies offering safe conditions make the Noguera Pallaresa one of the best rivers in Europe for white-water sports. Numerous other water sports can be enjoyed here, including canoeing, kayaking, riverboarding, canyoning, among many others.

As well as experiencing the thrills of descending the furious waters of the River Noguera Pallaresa on a raft, seize the opportunity to enjoy some pleasant walks around the area and discover the deep green landscape dotted with small villages of stone houses with slate roofs. If you have a moment between these refreshing active adventures and relaxing, peaceful walks, take the time to get to know the ancestral culture and traditions of this part of the Pyrenees. 

Learn about the former raiersrafters who descended the Noguera Pallaresa on log-rafts, not for pleasure, but to earn their living by transporting timber downstream to the valleys and then onwards to the plains and the coast, risking their lives with the dangers of rocks and river currents. Today you can still see them at work on Rafting Day, a special event held on the first Sunday of July in La Pobla de Segur, now listed as a Traditional Festival of National Interest. Go on a journey back through time and watch them descend the Noguera Pallaresa on their unsophisticated rafts, shooting the rapids in traditional clothes with no helmets or wetsuits!  

The Noguera Pallaresa International Rally is held every year in July, a competition attracting amateurs and worldwide white-water sports professionals. Rafting, the adult descent, the children’s descent, slalom, Eskimo rolling, and kayak polo matches are the most popular events.